Wildlife on the Isle of Harris - so much to see

Our Isle of Harris wildlife enjoys an island which is remote yet full of activity. In the skies, on the ground and around us in the seas and lochs, life is everywhere. Visitors to our islands are never far from otters, seals or even golden eagles. The stunning untouched habitats that inhabit this island are teaming with beautiful wildlife. It is truly special. Here’s a taste of some of the Scottish animals and plants you might see when you stay with us at Blue Reef Cottages.

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Seabirds - come and do a spot of birdwatching

Unsurprisingly, seabirds are common throughout Harris. We have beautiful puffins and razorbills as well as fulmars and gannets. The cliffs echo with the calls and cries of these Scottish seabirds, especially during breeding season in the spring and summer. This is often the best time for bird spotting on Harris. And with the magnificent picture window views from our cottages, all you need is a pair of binoculars and you can birdwatch from the comfort of the sofa!

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Sea Life

The surrounding waters of the Isle of Harris are teeming with life. Seals can often be spotted basking on rocky outcrops and you might even catch a glimpse of dolphins or porpoises frolicking in the surf. Closer to the shore, otters might be spotted getting on with their day. Take a dive beneath the waves to visit a world of sea anemones, kelp forests, and an array of fish species like trout and salmon.

Hebridean Wildlife

Venture inland, and you’ll discover the wild heart of the Isle of Harris. Here you can keep an eye out for animals such as red deer, golden eagles, and mountain hares. There are also native tree species such as birch, rowan, and willow around the island.

Isle of Harris Flora and Fauna

Botanists will love exploring Harris. Rare plant species, such as the Scottish primrose and the globe-flower add splashes of color to the moorlands. And did you know we have carnivorous plants here? Sundew plants lurk amidst the boggy terrain, waiting for their next insect meal.

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A wild visit

Wildlife on the Isle of Harris means it is a paradise for animal and plant enthusiasts. So pack your binoculars, lace up your hiking boots, and prepare for an unforgettable adventure around this stunning landscape during your stay with Blue Reef Cottages. Book online today and enjoy a magical stay with us.

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Our Cottages

Our Isle of Harris holiday cottages are your doorway to escapism and tranquillity. Our two cottages sit looking out onto a beautiful vista of sea and mountains.

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Stunning cottage in a stunning location, with a great host. The view from this cottage (Taigh Iain) was breathtaking when the sun was out and pretty damn amazing when it wasn’t. The cottage has everything you could need (including loads of maps and mountain bikes). It is a lovely place to relax or a great base to explore the stunning beaches and the hills in the area. Rhoda and Neil are top hosts who make sure everything is in order without crowding you.

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