Winter offer - Complete, cosy, winter seclusion

Winter is often the best time to see the Outer Hebrides at their most dramatic. From windswept beaches to snow-capped mountains and crashing waves, winter provides an opportunity to experience the islands in their rawest form. Our holiday cottages in the Isle of Harris offer complete seclusion from the outside world, allowing couples to reconnect and spend time together on winter breaks whilst taking in the stunning scenery and exploring all the island has to offer.

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Climbing to the top - exciting and challenging!

Our tallest peaks, Clisham and Ceapabhal, offer not just beautiful sights, but exciting challenges to mountaineers. Often covered in snow in winter, the views from the top are astonishing. And even if you don’t wish to climb, hiking around Harris in winter shows off the landscape in a way no other season can. Whether covered in snow or peaceful and dry, as nature goes to sleep plenty of country paths, otherwise inaccessible in summer, clear up for walkers.

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Dramatic beaches

Harris beaches are visited throughout the year, and winter is no different Crashing waves, energetic wildlife and the spray of sea mist on your face makes every beachside walk a delight. Braving the elements for a bracing beach walk also makes the reward of a nice dram when you get back to your Blue Reef Cottages all the more deserved!

Luxury holiday cottages stay warm all winter

Each one of our cottages boasts a solid fuel-burning stove, situated in the main stonewall to give you warmth when you need it most. It’s a great place to snuggle around and spend time together. When you are ready, why not make the most of your whirlpool bath and sauna? In Scotland, winter holidays mean cosy nights in together, and you can guarantee those on Harris.

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Northern Lights

The winter sky is one of shining stars and planets. Not only that, there is always a chance you will see the most elusive of nature’s wonders, the Northern Lights. Dark clear skies and a little help from the sun can create a magical fairytale in the darkness, with lights flickering over the mountains. Fingers crossed!

Winter delights on the Isle of Harris

Spending time in our holiday cottages on the Isle of Harris in winter is an experience like no other. The days and nights combine to make an unforgettable trip. As life on the island slows down, embrace the magic of winter in all its wonder. So come, bundle up against the cold, and discover the Isle of Harris in winter with Blue Reef Cottages. Call us on +44 (0)1859 550370 for more information or book online today.

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Our Cottages

Our Isle of Harris holiday cottages are your doorway to escapism and tranquillity. Our two cottages sit looking out onto a beautiful vista of sea and mountains.

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Things to Do

The Isle of Harris has something for everyone. Some guests come here for relaxing holidays to walk hand-in-hand on our sandy beaches, play a round of golf and enjoy a dram overlooking the hills.

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Simply stunning! Perfect place for a relaxing mini-break. Our second time and definitely won’t be our last.

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