Green Tourism in Scotland

Eco-friendly holidays in Scotland

Maintaining our unspoilt landscape clean and pristine is at the heart of everything Blue Reef Cottages do. Our environment is what keeps people coming back year after year. As a result, we devote ourselves to keeping it in perfect condition. We do this by minimising the environmental impact of our activities. A symbol of this commitment is our membership of the Scottish Tourist Board’s Green Tourism Business Scheme. This scheme provides accreditation and encouragement for tourism businesses to reduce the environmental impact of their activities. So by encouraging sustainable practice and green tourism in Scotland, it ensures the continued enjoyment of the environment on Harris for future generations.

Green activities

The whole of the Isle of Harris is designated as a National Scenic Area and is administered by Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH). We received the Gold Award from the Green Tourism Business Scheme in 2003, cementing our commitment to be an environmentally-friendly business.

At Blue Reef eco holiday cottages in Scotland, our Green activities include:

  • recycling waste
  • using low energy light bulbs
  • using local, fair trade and environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • Providing complimentary toiletries by Ishga, a sustainable skincare company which uses nutrient-rich Hebridean seaweed

We also encourage our guests to use local suppliers who source locally and seasonally available foods. All this contributes to keeping money within the local economy and supports local businesses.

Turf Roofs

Turf covers the roof of both eco cottages. These provide a good wildlife habitat where ‘Machair’ flowers can be seen growing during the summer months. A green roof can absorb up to 75% of the rainwater that falls on it. Furthermore, the insulating properties of a turf roof enable it to effectively regulate the temperature inside the cottages.

Wind Turbine/Air Source

In October 2011 we installed two 5kW wind turbines at the base of the hill nearby. One serves the house and one serves the cottages. They are currently producing sufficient energy for all three properties.

The Evance R9000 5kW wind turbine has been engineered to ensure maximum energy yield by generating energy at low wind speeds, and by running continuously and safely at high wind speeds. The design results in a modern and visually pleasing wind turbine which has a minimum visual impact on its surroundings.

Green tourism in Scotland should be a way of life, rather than an exception. So you can be assured that when you stay with us, you will leave little impact on the beautiful island surroundings that we know you will come to love and cherish.

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